Hotel en Puerto de la Cruz ***

El Puerto, as it is popularly known, is the smallest municipality on the island of Tenerife and is located on its northwest face, within the great natural amphitheater that is the La Orotava Valley. It is a city that faces the ocean, surrounded by orchards, banana trees and vineyards and is permanently watched over by the great volcano: Mount Teide.

It is a tourist city unlike any other. Its port lived a time of commercial splendor, giving way to the sugar and wine of the island that traveled to the then flourishing Europe. Its spectacular nature, its good climate and its extraordinary sky captivated the scientists and botanists of the continent and it became a key destination for health trips. The tolerant and open-minded character of its inhabitants was what ended up positioning it as a leading cultural center for the entire archipelago.

Today Puerto de la Cruz conquers those who conceive the trip as an enriching experience; who seek to discover and discover themselves in others. It is a place where interesting things are constantly happening: sports events, international music, theater or literature festivals, traditional festivals or gastronomic shows.

The city spreads around the small port and opens into wide avenues, pedestrian walkways and charming garden spaces. You can discover it on foot, taking a tour of its protected historic center; In it you will see how the old wooden and tile houses coexist in perfect harmony with the new buildings.

But, if there is something that you will not be able to forget, it will be your walks near the sea. From the seafront you will have, without a doubt, the best view of Teide on the entire island. In addition, the volcanic nature has endowed the Port with several beaches and bathing areas, and mankind has been in charge of building many others. In them, as in the rest of the city, you will share space with the portuense -an islander without haste, who dwells on the small details, obtaining authentic moments and unique experiences to remember.

If what you are passionate about is sports and nature, here you will find your new paradise. Think that you can enjoy (throughout the year, thanks to the good weather) activities by land, sea or air, such as paragliding, hiking, cycling, surfing, diving or kayaking; in addition, valuable natural spaces, family leisure parks and professional facilities and services for you to cultivate your body and mind.

Any corner of the city is good to enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors and in an almost family atmosphere. You can try dishes from the local gastronomy, based on fresh products from the sea, the garden and good wines, mainly, or decide on the wide range of world flavors and fusion cuisine that dot the streets of the municipality.