The fiestas are another great attractive feature of this town and moreover their unmistakable culture and passion.
In the first place, we must mention the famous CARNAVALS - in February - which take place both in Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz and are the most famous fiestas of touristic interest. In order to celebrate this famous carnaval an international project of this celebration was set up beween  Puerto de la Cruz and the German town of Düsseldorf culminating in a carnaval exchange which dates back some 25 years.
One of the most local and traditional fiesta is that of the Day of the Crosses, 3rd May, which coincides with the commemoration of the founding of the town.  It is the custom to decorate all crosses and hermitages with flowers.
In June, there is the celebration of the Día de San Juan (St. John's Day) when bonfires are made and the people swim in the fishing harbour with the herds of goats, a custom  which dates back to aboriginal  times.
Baño de las Cabras - Puerto de la Cruz
In the month of July there are the local fiestas in honour of the Gran Poder de Dios y Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Carmen.  These fiestas Del Carmen are the biggest in the town and among the programme of events the most famous is the embarkation of the statue of the Virgen del Carmen and the flying of model airplanes.
Another curious fiesta is that of the Los Cacharros, which is in honour of San Andres (Saint Andrew) on the 29th November, which generally is to celebrate and remember the opening of the bodegas when the new wines come out and this is celebrated by dragging and pulling all sorts of metal which make noise through the streets of the town.
Another important event in the fiesta calendar being  more cultural than fiesta is the International festival of Ecological cinema showing the wonderful nature of the Canary Islands and which to date has been celebrated three times.
Fiestas Virgen del Carmen - Puerto de la Cruz