Puerto de la Cruz is situated in the North of the Island of Tenerife in the Orotava Valley next to the municpalities of Los Realejos and La Orotava.  It has 8.173 km2 and is the smallest municipality in the Canary Islands.  It has an altitude of some 9 metres above sea level and its highest point is the volcanic cone of Las Arenas (montaña de la horca) with 249 metes.
Playa Jardín
Puerto de la Cruz is one of the pioneering touristic towns of the Canaries.  Its inhabitants are known as Portuenses and its most authentic inhabitants are known as Ranilleros, this name is particularly given to the people who live in the area of Ranilla which is an area of the town with the most renowned fame for fishing.
Puerto de la Cruz is a popular touristic town with its own distinctive touch.  
Modern and cosmopolitan and yet in the centre of the town it still keepsand maintains  its intimate and beloved atmosphere alongside its old houses with their typical wooden balconies and roofs and new and modern buildings which blend in with the  surroundings and traditional Canarian architecture.
Its pedestrian streets and its many squares still hold the old charming image ofthe town. Today the varied urban features of the town both new and old live together in perfect harmony thus keeping it both attractive and inviting.  After centuries of touristic experience, Puerto dela Cruz  still maintains and keeps all the flavours of a valley open to the sea and culture.  
Declared as touristic interest in 1955, Puerto de la Cruz lives in total harmony wih its traditional island architecture and its modern hotels;  the growth of its exquisite leisure parks and its beautiful colours in the most typical vivid and picturesque corners of this fishing town where it all started.
Casa de la Aduana Puerto de la Cruz
The streets of Puerto de la Cruz still holds an animated atmosphere all year long making  it an attractive location for relaxing walks and contemplating its traditional buildings and participating and enjoying its local festivities.
puerto de la cruz
If you wish to enjoy the sea,then this Northern town has much to offer the tourist such as its black sand coves, the salt water pool complex known as the Lago Martiánez, and the black sand beaches at Playa Jardín, Punta Brava and Martiánez  beach which was designed by the famous César Manrique, a complex where design and nature blend together to make a very attractive location.  There is also the Botanical Gardens where you can find plants and species from more than 5 continents and not forgetting the Casino and the famous Loro Park which deserve praise and commendation from all  its visitors.
Lago Martiánez